MSP Paint Party Part 2

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Whoever wrote “Fucking is not good” on the wall obviously doesn't believe what they wrote, because this poonany-packed paint party is well underway with everyone in the room hard at work, trying to disprove the writing on the wall! This second update kicks off with one especially sexy paint-splattered blond hottie sprawled wide open on a chair getting her sweet pink pussy licked raw by one cunt-hungry dude. As the camera makes it's way around the room we see that everyone is now completely covered in pink and green paint, their once valuable clothes completely destroyed in the heat of mass passion. Most couples have moved past the oral pleasures, and the chicks are spreading wide to take huge Hungarian sausages inside their dripping pussies! Everyone is wild with sex, some babes getting absolutely pounded, other's tagging their friends with nice big hand prints on their ass, other babes experiencing painted lesbian lust with one another. Whatever's happening you can be sure it's hot, wet and messy, and it IS good! Featuring Yasmine Rouge, Suzana, Sandra Parker, Kyra Banks, Natalie, Lulu, Niki Cole, and Rony!

Runtime22 minutes
ResolutionSD 360p
File formatmp4
File size313 MB
Picture count135
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movieEnglish


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